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Handheld Battery Operated Sewing Machine

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Handheld Battery Operated Sewing Machine Portable, Cordless, Battery Operated Handy Stitch | Lightweight Mini Handheld Sewing Machine Stitcher For Home & Travel


  • Portable, cordless, battery operated handy stitch. Makes sewing fun, fast and easy. Repairs even delicate fabrics like silk. And powerful enough, even to sew through denim jeans. Most popular model of Handheld Sewing Machine.
  • Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, for great control and easy operation. Invaluable tool when you need a quick solution for simple on the spot jobs like repairs and alterations. If your child is into drama, performing on stage using different costumes, then this practical and easy to carry around handheld sewing machine is an essential.
  • Anyone working with curtains, interior decoration or sewing her or his own clothes will enjoy using this time saving device. This electric handheld single stitch sewing machine makes it so much faster and easier than using a needle, saving you time and money. Fix hems, mend a torn pocket or shorten trousers, all within minutes.
  • Great for travelling as it is compact and lightweight, it can be battery operated to make it absolutely portable or you can use it with a power adaptor (the required 4 x AA batteries are not included). Perfect for tricky positioning that conventional machines cannot do. This sewing machine can be used at home, in the office, car etc.


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