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Think Ink Pens: Fidget for Focus

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 Think Ink Pens: Fidget for Focus

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  • TWIST: the one-of- a kind detachable flexo clip is an amazing standalone fidget tool with rare earth magnets that allow you to easily detach and reconnect the clip.on top of that,it's incredibly useful!Clip it onto your backpack,purse,or notebook for on-the - go fun!
  • FLEX :The spring -like resistance of our stainless steel flexo shaft will fill the void of any stress,it's more usefull!
  • Using the Think Ink pen has give me the ability to really focus throughout daily tasks ,meetings and has made me more productive at work .i wish i had found this years ago .
  • SLIDE:the earbon-steel sphere has a silky-smooth rotation that discretely satisfies the pen clicker in all of us
  • SPIN: the invisible force of rare-earth magneets creates a floating, silent spinner that you can push and pull for additional fidget fun!



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