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3 Meters High Speed HDMI Cable

Length : 3 Meters

Support : 3D Video/4K*2K

Gbps : 14.93

Resolution : 4096*2160P

Connector : 24K gold plated

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Detailed Product Description

High Speed 3M HDMI cable v1.4 with Ethernet Channel Audio Retun Description:
CB0190 Cableader High Performance HDMI Cables - High Speed

  • Best quality hdmi v 1.4 cable with ethernet channel and audio return channel ( HEAC)
  • Supportsethernet channel, ethernet via HDMI
  • Support audio return channel to send audio back from a dispaly to source
  • Support 3D over HDMI
  • Supports 720p, 1808i, 1080p, 2160p and 4k *2k ( 4096 * 2160)
  • Supports extend colur spaces eg x.v colour
  • 99.99% pure OFC copper cable
  • 24K Gold plated 19 pin HDMI A male connectors
  • Mylar backed foil shield twisted pairs for high speed HDMI
  • Backward compatible with HDMI 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3
  • Ideal for connecting PS3 XBox 360 , Ble Ray DVD, Sky HD, DVD Recorders virgin media HD. Freesat HD etc.
  • Length 3m metre

High Speed 3M HDMI cable v1.4 with Ethernet Channel Audio Retun Introduction:
All-in-One Digital Cable for High Definition Video and Audio The Essential all-in-one Digital Connection for HD video and soundMonster for HDMI is the essential all-in-one digital connection for perfect high definition video to 1080p and beyond. Its capable of carrying uncompressed lossless audio in incredible 7.1 surround sound.
The Best Way to Connect Your Laptop and More to Your Home Theater Now computers with HDMI can connect to home theater devices such as AV receivers and high definition flatscreen TVs. With Blu-ray Disc players now available in laptops, computers and game consoles, the sharpest and clearest full 1080p picture is available with Monster for HDMI.

SpeedRated So You Know What Youre Getting Only speed rated HDMI cables from Monster will tell you exactly how much data your cable will carry, so you know exactly what you are getting, and can choose the HDMI cable that is right for you.


1. W/HDMI Ethernet channels

2. Audio Return Channel:

3. 3D Support


4. 4k x 2k Support

5. More Color spaces

Addition Color Spaces.jpg

6. New connectors:

Micro HDMI Connector.jpg

7. Real-Time Content Signaling


Real-Time Content signaling.jpg



100% open and short test

Voltage: 300V DC, 5MΩ/10ms

Insulation resistance: 10MΩ minimum

Contact resistance: 2Ω maximum

Working temperature: -25 to 80 degree Celsius