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Car Dent Repairer Tool Kit

مجموعة تصليح السيارة

Color : Black

Used For : Repair cars

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Car Dent Repairer


The Original POPS A DENT (Pops A Dent) Kit will remove dents in doors, fenders, hoods and trunk lids quickly and easily without harming the original paint surface. Original POPS A DENT (Pops A Dent) is safe & professionally pulls out dents. The POPS A DENT Repair Kit is the easiest and most cost effective way to repair those ugly dings and dents from your any vehicle. This do-it-yourself repair kit is the one that professional auto body shops use. POPS A DENT will safely remove small and medium sized dings and dents on Cars, Boats, and Motorcycles. Dents and Dings Pops a dent out like a Magic. It s simple to use, In just 3 easy steps and POPS A DENT removes dents from hail, car doors, and more, without damaging the surface of your car. The POPS A DENT Repair Kit was developed and is used by professional auto-body repair experts. Now you can have this same dent removal tool right at home. POPS A DENT saves you money and is the economical alternative to costly dent professionals.



How to use?

·       Place a glue stick in the gun and pre-heat. Clean the surface of the dent. Apply an ample amount of glue to the Dent Pulling Tab.

·       Quickly apply to centre of dent and let cool for about 10  minutes.

·       Place pulling bridge over dent pulling tab and attach the turning knob.

·       Twist the Turning Knob, pulling the dent out, until the tab "pops" from the surface.

·       Repair Dents quickly and easily and save on costly repair bills.


POPS A DENT Repair Kit Includes:-

·         3 different size size dental removal stems to accommodate many different size dents.

·         A professional glue gun with enough glue sticks for dozens of applications.

·         A knockdown tool


·         Complete instructions

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