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Copper Hands Ultra Light Compression Gloves

االكف النحاسي الخفيف المخفف للألم المرافق لليدين

Size : S/M & L/XL

Used For : Mens & Womens

Material : 90%cotton-5% copper-5%Spandex

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Description : If you suffer from weakness, fatigue or arthritis pain in the joints, tendons and muscles of your hands and wrists, you need Copper Hands Ultra Light Compression Gloves, infused with real copper on a microscopic level. Copper Hands are designed to give powerful support while feeling cool and breathable the minute you put them on your hands. You won’t feel the gloves, only the perfect compression your hands need for improved circulation, reduced inflammation, soothing comfort and support.

Compression fabric plus real copper.

Copper Hands light-as-a-feather compression fabric contains real copper, and the no-finger design lets you garden, type, cook, clean – all of your normal daily tasks. The added traction from the palm embedded grip dots help you easily open jars, water bottles and more! With better circulation and less pain, everyday tasks are easier than before – sleep with them on for comforting compression at night, too.

Fashionable and machine washable, too.

Copper Hands Compression Gloves are machine washable and breathable, 90% cotton, 5% copper and 5% Spandex. And with their fashionable design, Copper Hands are so much more attractive than orthopedic gloves.




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