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 Electric Best Vacuum Sealer Machine, DTM-600

Brand Generic
Model DTM-600
Product Type Vacuum Sealer Machine
Sealing Length 30cm
Power Source Electric
Power 110w
Voltage 100-240V
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Vacuum Sealing Time 10-25seconds
10-25secondsSingle sealing time 6-17seconds
Weight 1.2kg
Machine troubleshooting 1. The machine does not work properly:
(1)Check if the power is off and the power plug is plugged in.
(2)Check the power cord, plug and body for damage. 
If so, please suspend use. If it is used continuously for a long time (it is recommended to suspend for about 30 seconds after using the vacuum machine, and then perform the next use)
2. Insufficient air extraction (abnormal vacuum):
(1)Please confirm whether the inlet of the vacuum bag has been placed in the vacuum chamber (in the middle of the lower sealing band).
(2)Please confirm whether you are using a dedicated vacuum bag.
(3)Please confirm if there is sharp corners or the vacuum bag has been damaged.
(4)Whether the vacuum sponge seal is loose.
(5)Please confirm whether the load is excessive (the load cannot exceed 3/4 of the volume of the packaging bag)
(6)Please check if the air vent is blocked.
(7)Please confirm whether the cover and buckle are fastened.
3. Can't seal or burn the bag well:
(1)If the entrance part of the plastic bag on the heat sealing strip is folded or uneven, it will lead to incomplete sealing
(2)When the palm is not fully pressed on the upper cover or only part of the upper cover when sealing, it may cause the seal to be incomplete. Please press firmly with both hands.
(3)After pressing the sealing button for 3 seconds, check whether the red light of the vacuum machine is on.
(4)Check whether the heat sealing strip is damaged.
If the hot-pressed tape and heating wire are overheating and the bag melts, open the lid and let the hot-pressed tape and heating wire cool for a few minutes.
4. Bottled containers are not evacuated:
(1)Make sure the edge of the bottle is clean.
(2)Check the port of the suction hose to prevent air from entering the bottle from the stopper.
  • Vaccum preservation
  • Upgrade the vaccum chamber
  • Powerful motor
  • Extraction function
  • Multipack sealing
  • Strong suction
  • Non-desctructive sealing


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