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Giordano 4 Wheel PC Hard Trolley Case - 8013P

Brand : Giordano 8013P

Set Of : 3 Bags

Colors : Purple/ Ivory/ Black

Size : 20; 25; 29

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Giordano 4 Wheel PC Hard Trolley Case - 8013P

Giordano Travel Gear

"Giordano Travel Gear: "Be in Fashion, Anytime, Anywhere"..and become A True Travel Connoisseur!" 
Fully-integrated luggage brand that combines an element of style and fashion elegantly in its entire product range. Giordano is known for its everyday Styling to suite all age groups by introducing new range of products every few days and provide value for money to all our customers. The luggage brand seeks to adapt to the lifestyle of "inn-travelers", especially for those who wish to travel in style!  

Giordano 4Wheel Trolley Case Collection

This collection consists a series of stylish and colorful hardcase trolley luggage that is suitable for those who want a stylish and hassle-free travel experience. This series comes in 3 different sizes with a variety of high-quality features;-

Smooth maneuverability

Using 4-wheeled with spinner rollers system, this luggage is easy to maneuver at any given surface.  It also has an aluminium retractable trolley with push button that makes it very suitable for long distance travelling as it is easy to push without putting extra pressure to arms.

TSA numbering lock

This suitcase comes with a TSA approved lock, which is required when travelling to USA & some other countries. This 3 digits numbering combination lock on the suitcase is a perfect addition as you can now rest easy knowing your personal belongings are safe and sound inside the suitcase. You can set your personal combination password by referring to a few simple steps from an instruction included inside the bag.

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