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Hot Hands Cooking Gloves

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  • Five finger, non-slip silicone grip is melt proof
  • Raised grippers safely repel heat away from your hands
  • Great for ovens, stovetops, grills and more
  • Versatile precision grip can pick up a pin or open a jar
  • Rinses clean in seconds
  • Dishwasher safe

Hot Hands Cooking Glove

Silicone Gloves for Oven, Stove and Grill

Protect hands from steamy pots, sizzling grills and hot oven dishes with HotHands Silicone Cooking Gloves from As Seen on TV. These versatile gloves have a comfortable five-finger design that will prove to be much more functional than traditional oven mitts. They’re made of premium non-slip silicone textured with raised grippers that repel heat and provide a precision grip. You can safely plunge your hand into a simmering pot to retrieve hard-boiled eggs and even reach into the oven to hand-toss French fries on a hot baking tray. The innovative material is heat-resistant to 425°, making these gloves perfect for use in the kitchen or at an outdoor grill.

Safely and Securely Hold Hot Cookware

Some pot holders and cooking mitts are too thin to protect from high heat. Others are too bulky to allow a confident, slip-proof grip. HotHands offers both melt-proof protection against heat plus an incredibly firm grasp. In fact, the grip is so firm and precise, you can use these silicone oven gloves to open tight jar lids or pick up an item as small as a pin. Best of all, these durable mitts rinse clean in seconds and are dishwasher-safe. One size fits most. Set of two gloves.

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