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New 2 Cylinder 12V Car Air Pump Compressor 4x4 4WD

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New 2 Cylinder 12V Car Air Pump Compressor 4x4 4WD

Product Description:
12v air compressor(AC-628A)

Air pressure:DC 12V- 150PSI
Cylinder diameter:2 x 30mm
Air hose:5m PU hose+25cm rubber hose with pressure gauge
Max voltage:13.8 Volt;  Max amperage:23A
Output volume:60L/MIN,inflate ordinary car tyre in 3 mins(>30PSI)
-   Max duty cyle: 40 minutes
-   Product size: 32 x 24 x 25cm
-    Power cord:2.5meters cord with battery clamp
-    Accessories:2 nozzle adapters and 1 sports needle

Manual Instruction:
Voltage:DC 12V( Please read the instructions before use )
1) air compressor is widely used, such as: automobile tires, motor boat, bicycle, toy air cushion all kinds of ball games, etc
2) When you are on the highway in a rural road or on the way to work in the morning,  you got a flat tire , then it can be an mergency
3) To facilitate in the car, does not occupy a space
4) Maintain normal tire pressure not only safe driving but also to save fuel

Directions for use ( Please follow the steps below to use )
1) Insert the cigarette lighter into car cigarette lighter socket , Or use the alligator clip to the car battery positive and
negative Pay attention to is don't pick up the cathode
2) Start the engine and turn on the switch
3) To inflate the gas nozzle directly on the air cavity of the tire
4) The inflatable should pay attention to the pressure gauge pointer, after reaching rating, turn off the switch, pull out gas nozzle

Matters needing attention
1) open the car's engine  when you inflator
2) Air compressor should be used under 18 a voltage of DC12V, if use AC110V / 230 V voltage, please use the voltage converter
3) Under normal circumstances, the pressure can reach 30PSI within three minutes, if pressure suddenly increased rapidly (up to 100PSI)
please immediately unplug the gas nozzle from the gas eyes and repeat the process all over again. Otherwise,
pressure gauge and the motor will be damaged
4) Inflatable should pay attention, check and do not let too much pressure
5) Do not put in the damp environment. Do not put in the place that children can touch
6) Clean car cigarette lighter socket or clean battery are the anode, in case of failure
7) To ensure a good operation, the pump should not use for more than 10 minutes, after use, must be cooled for
     at least 10 minutes to continue to use.

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