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Ottoman Turkish Coffee Cup, 6 Cups - Copperantic

Color : Copper as shown

Used For : Coffee

No of pcs : 6

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Ottoman Turkish Coffee Cup, 6 Cups - Copperantic

A Turkish coffee set is prepared by tableware manufacturers. Most of them are involved specifically inTurkish style coffee chinaware.
The purpose of that set is for an advance coffee serving. It enables households to show wealth and culture. It shows the respect that the household carries to a special guest.  It is considered as an optional Turkish coffee utensilThe traditional Turkish coffee recipe calls for demitasse cups in order to serve the coffee. A Turkish coffee set might seem not needed if an adequate Turkish coffee cup set is already owned. This kind of set is not for an everyday usage. Usual friends are not the guests for such a utensil. It requires a special person or event in order to make its appearanc


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Turkish coffee set



Colours           : Copper


Sets               :  Senary set


Senary Set includes : 6 pcs metal cup,

6 pcs porcelain cup, 6 pcs metal saucer,

1 pcs candy dish, 1 pcs round tray, 7 pcs tassel


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