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 Philips SHE9100 High Quality Audio Bass in-ear Earphone/Headphone with mic

Enjoy high performance precision sound

with solid metal housing

  • 8.6mm drivers/semi-closed back                   Image result for Features Philips SHE9100 Headphone    


  • In-ear


Sturdy aluminum housing prevents vibration for sound clarity


  • The headphone’s housing is crafted from sturdy aluminum, which prevents vibration for the purest sound performance. In addition, it protects the earphones from the wear and tear of everyday use.Image result for Features Philips SHE9100 Headphone


Anti-tangle slider keeps your cables together neatly


  • The smart anti-tangle slider helps you easily keep the two earpiece cables neatly together, simply by gliding it up. No more hassles with tangles or knots!


Fine-tuned neodymium drivers for high frequency clarity



  • Neodymium is the ideal material that produces strong magnetic field for greater sensitivity in a voice coil, better bass response and higher overall sound quality.It features re-engineered 8.6mm neodymium drivers that are responsive to high frequencies and ensure pure sound clarity.
  • Durable Flexi-grip for strong headphone-to-cable connectionThis soft yet durable and flexible connector between the earphone and cable helps protect against potential damage from repeated bending.Curved housing and oval sound tubes for ergonomic comfortYour in-ear headphones are precisely designed to fit any ear. Its ergonomic oval sound tube and curved architecture ensure an optimized, secure and comfortable fit – always

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