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Screen Cleaning Kit

Brand : LGG

Compatible : Mobiles Laps Tablets/LCD/LAp tops

Spray : 150mL

Used till : 2 years

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Product content

150ml efficient cleanser,300*300mm microfiber cloth,telescopic cleaning brush

Principal constituent

high-purity distilled water, surface active agent, antistatic agent


computer display screen, keyboard, Display shell, case panel, VCD,DVD dish etc

Storage temperature

normal temperature

Shelf time

More than 2 years


Efficient cleaner

      Cleanser removes dirty strongly,

No wash marking,no causticity,it can maintain LCD screen clean and bright,after using even there will be a protect film on the screen surface,antistatic,no dust would adsorb the screen.

Microfiber cloth

       This cloth adopt high-density weave technique in special continual method,so adsorb water stained,well decontamination capacity,keep the equipment and LCD screen bright,quick and efficient adsorb dust,avoiding the damage of equipment’ surface and LCD Screen cause by secondary pollution

Cleaning brush

      With the imported material,brushing been disposed specially,can be used for all kind of digital product,to remove  dust on the surface of the LCD screen,especially can use to clean the gap of keyboard.

The operating instructions

1. Easily to remove the dust on notebook surface.

2. uses the cloth to clean the liquid crystal display outward gently. 

3. Face the stubborn dirt, spray some cleanser in the cloth surface, direct cleaning then the dirt thorough elimination, will not need to soak completely, after using, please clean the cloth immediately. 

4. After the notebook finished cleanly, pastes on gently the keyboard membrane then. 


Direction for use

  1. Clean the dust from laptop.
  2. Wipe out LCD screen with a cleaning cloth gently.
  3. In case of hard dirt,spray some special cleaning agent on screen cleaning cloth,then directly wipe out the dirt,do not be completely wet,but wash the screen after used.
  4. Keep the cleaning cloth clean and dry for the next time.



        (1) Immediately washing the dirty cloth after using.

        (2) Do not contact with eyes or swallow,if splash into eyes,please rinse with water,serious one see the doctor immediately.

        (3) Place it beyond children reach.

        (4) Use for well condition screen only.

        (5) Be sure power off before cleaning screen..

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