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Simoniz Fix It Scratch Repair Kit

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Simoniz Fix It Scratch Repair Kit

Are you fed up with your car's paint being scratched by careless people? Wouldn\'t it be great if there was way to inexpensively fix the scratches on your car\'s paint? Now there is with Simoniz Fix It scratch remover! Finally, your car can always look its best despite the inevitable scratches that always seem to appear on your car, no matter how careful you are! If scratches and dings on your car are driving you crazy, then don\'t get frustrated, get Fix It - Simoniz scratch repair! You can fix any nick or ding on your car in just 3 easy steps! No matter what the car or color, Simoniz FixIt does the job like magic! 
Step 1 - Apply Simoniz Fix It scratch remover to the scratch. 
Step 2 - Use the included power buffer to buff. 
Step 3 - Wipe it away! It really is that easy to restore your paint to its shine!

-Non toxic
-Water resistant
-Works on all colors
-UV Sunlight activated
-Saves money

Simoniz Fix It Scratch Repair Kit Repairs and Removes Scratches and Swirls includes:
-Hand Held Power Buffer
-Soft Touch Pads
-Micro Fiber Polishing Cloth
-Fix It For The Car
-Fix It Pro Clear Coat Scratch Filler
-Battery AA 1.5V (2pcs)



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