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The Self-Stirring Mug

كوب تحضير القهوة التلقائي

Color : Black/Green/Red/Yellow

Used for : Coffee; tea; soups; hot chocolates

Size : 11.5*8.8cm

Required : 2*AAA Battery

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Product Description

The Self Stirring Mug is perfect for your favorite java junkie or the person who seems to have everything. The mug has a whisper-quiet propeller at the bottom that’s powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included). It’s made of double-wall stainless steel and a polypropylene inner liner for heat resistance and durability and holds 12 oz. (350ml) of your favorite hot beverage, be it coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or even soup. Just pour in your drink, hit the thumb-friendly button on the top of the handle and watch in awe as the mug does all the work for you.

Not just great for stirring in your sugar, but the Self Stirring Mug also keeps your sugar, cocoa, or Ovaltine from settling at the bottom of your cup so you get to enjoy the flavor you want right down to the last sip with just the hit of that button. And, for those who enjoy a hot cuppa’ on their morning commute; the Self Stirring Mug also comes with a handy travel lid with hole so you can focus on your driving without having to fuss with stirring. The lid also keeps your beverage warm and prevents spillage thanks to the rubber seal, which makes the Self Stirring Mug perfect for those who walk to work as well. Is there anything this mug can’t do??

- Powered by 2x AAA batteries (not included)
- 12 oz or 350 ml capacity
- Stirs and mixes any beverage with a quick press of a button
- Made of stainless steel with an inner liner of polypropylene
- Quickly and quietly mixes without ever needing a spoon
- Large ergonomic and comfortable handle for easy grip
- Includes travel lid with drinking spout
- Measures approx. 14 cm x 11 cm x 8.5 cm
- Hand wash only. Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave.

Package include: 1 x Self strring mug(Batteries Not included)


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